Other than the covered pavilion what else do you have to offer?

The Courtyard- This area has two regulation size horseshoe pits and enough open space to put two additional corn hole games.

The Field- A large, flat, grassy area that is used various ways. The front portion closest to the road is utilized for parking.  The open area closest to the pavilion is most commonly used as a ceremony location if the event is a wedding. However, the options are endless for uses in that area.  There is also a small grassy area right next to the pavilion that be utilized as a small seating area around a fire pit or can set up as the food area by the caterer. 

Coming Soon!!!

The Barn- We are currently updating the upstairs of the barn which can be utilized as a bridal suite or groom’s area for weddings or a banquet area for small events. This area has a full size bathroom and bar area.

Waterfront Ceremony Area- We are in the process of cleaning up the rear of the property from a few storms that knocked down a large portion of trees. The area overlooks the lake that abuts our property and when ready will be used for wedding ceremonies as an additional location to the field.

How come you don't list your prices on your website?


We do have base prices that we use as a guideline for all types of events however, each and every event is customized based on the need of our clients. There are too many variables to individually list all the options. Please contact us for more information, we’re happy to meet with anyone interested.


What do your packages include?


Use of the entire outdoor property is included in every rental agreement (the pavilion, the field and the courtyard).  The pavilion has two rows of rectangle tables and benches used for dining.  Our expertise and guidance are also free of charge!


I would prefer you handle everything, is that an option?

Yes! We will happily handle everything for you depending on how involved or uninvolved you would like to be.  All those details can be discussed at our initial consultation.    

Do you require we work with specific vendors or can we use whoever we want?

The vendors you would like to use are completely your choice. We will provide a list of trusted vendors that we have a relationship with and know provide a good, quality product or service but ultimately the decision is up to you!

Why should we pick your facility?

We go above and beyond to make sure each and every event is successful as if we were planning it for ourselves! We’re certainly not the only event location in the area but we feel we set ourselves above the rest because of our work ethic and ability to get the job done. Not only do we provide excellent service, using our facility only requires a few additional vendors to be brought in while everything else is available on site.

Frequently Asked Questions