Located in the southeastern corner of Connecticut, our four acre piece of property is expansive and available for a wide variety of events.  Purchased in 2013, we turned an overgrown nursery into a rustic, unique venue for parties, reunions, showers and events of all kinds.  As a hardworking husband and wife team we go out of our way to make sure everything is coordinated and smoothly run for each and every event.  We are constantly improving, updating and upgrading features which allows us to stay in tune with the ever changing event industry.  

About Us

Meet Our Team 

Bethany- owner, event planner & coordinator

I've been an event planner for many years and have always thoroughly enjoyed creating celebrations that are unforgettable. Owning a property with the capabilities that ours has is truly a dream come true and has combined the best of both my worlds. No two events are alike and I go out of my way to make each client feel special and individualized in their own way. 


Rich- owner, bartender, handyman

I take pride in making sure our property is kept up and maintained for every single event and work hard in my down time to do so. I also have a passion for beer and love being behind the bar concocting new drinks and sampling the latest craft beers. I've always enjoyed entertaining so owning a property like ours has made our lives come full circle.  If you don't have a good time at one of our events, it's simply because you weren't there!